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The Second Amendment means I can own any weapon I want -- even a nuclear bomb! 12   05/13 12:58pm
Origin of the term "Saturday Night Special" 1   09/24 11:44am
We aren't out to take your guns 25   09/13 03:38pm
Waiting periods save lives 2   09/04 01:17pm
Media bias against guns? That's a right-wing fantasy! 3   08/12 04:25pm
"Anti-gunners are against self-defense" 1   08/12 02:36pm
Popular Support for CCW 3   08/12 01:45pm
Design of Assault Weapons / Purpose of high capacity magazines 31   08/21 08:08pm
Plastic guns allow terrorists to defeat metal detectors. 9   06/14 05:44pm
"Gun Show Loophole" 5   06/05 11:57pm
The Gun Lobby claim that closing the "gun show loophole" required a three day waiting period 1   08/14 02:51pm

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